A downloadable game for Windows

Platformer with a kick inpired by Humanus ONG.

Instead of preaching values the game is agnostic and through a simple mechanic aims to present questions that point to either being a Human or an Humanist. 

Since the main character is a robot there's that extra layer of twist.

Game made in c++ with a custom engine using OpenGl. Only libraries used were to decode png and vobis.

Designed, coded, art and sound editing made by a team of one. Audio is royalty free.


AIH-AmIHuman.zip 4 MB

Install instructions

Extract the zip keeping the folder structure and run the executable


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got suck in main menu, can't start level 1....


I'm really sorry for that. 

Can you please send me some information about your machine (Windows version, RAM, screen resolution).

Can you press on the play button, does the button go down? Do you get any error.

Thanks for your interest and I hope I can sort it out.



Windows 10 64b


Graphic  intell HD4400

Buttons never get focus  and don't react to mouse click, no error.



That's so weird. It's definitely a bug and I'm sorry for that.

Can you tell me your screen resolution please. And if it's not too much to ask for can you try the game on a 1920x1080 resolution please.

Thanks in advance