A downloadable game for Windows

Go from start to finish of each level path and don't forget to pick up all hats.

The picked theme was "A puzzle game where you collect hats for the mega-bonus."

Game made in plain c from scratch using OpenGl. Only library used was stb_image to decode png.

Designed, coded, art and testing made by a team of one :)

Install instructions

Extract the zip keeping the folder structure and run the executable.

If you plan on messing with the source code make sure you read the readme file.


HatsNTaps_SourceCode.zip 77 kB
HatsNTaps.zip 173 kB


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hello how can I compile this under windows 10?

Hi, check out https://github.com/raulrita/protoengine

All the instructions and software needed are there.

Tks for checking out Hats n'Taps

Just played this one. What a lovely puzzle game. :D

Tks a bunch. Cheers